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Apathy vs privacy 

People often attribute my privacy for others as apathy.  I will get told things, and not repeat them to others then the original person who told me will get mad because I didn’t “care” enough to tell others about their problem….  When did we get like this?  I blame social networking, we sit here and put all of our private information online, share miniscule details about our lives (no one gives a flying fuck what you had for lunch) then blow up at people who value privacy.   I have a very live and let live mentality, if it doesn’t directly affect me I don’t really care about it, this is for two reasons.  The first is, you never get the whole story up front.  This is so true in politics as well as any other social matter.  The facts are never given, and you are EXPECTED to have an opinion about breaking news 12 hours after the story breaks.  This is where all the arm-chair scientists online get their banter.  The second reason is, WHY should I care about you?  Are you that important because you have 100 people following your Instagram, that I should share with complete strangers that you went to a coffee shop for lunch.  Look how hip you are!  Did you stop by the thrift shop on the way back to your used record store job as well?  Okay maybe its the hipsters more so than social networking.  I don’t know, I really wish we were at a point where no one cared about what other people were doing.  It seems like the only time people do care is when it directly involves them, or they want to spread some sort of rumor, or are just nosy ass people.  There are a lot of nosy people in this world.  Maybe step back, take a look at your own life and go about your business…  Get a cat, be nosy in his business, ask him why he poops in a box and likes to meow.  It might be entertaining for you!