Bloodline by Illpluminati

My first juice review and I couldn’t be more excited.  For my first E-Juice review I will be reviewing “Bloodline” by Illpluminati.  I first ran into Illpluminati at a vape store in Southern California, 15ML glass bottles with an amazing label.  So I had to try it.  After trying it, I went to social media to spread the word about the juice I had found.  Come to find out I am behind the times!!!  Illpluminati is HUGE and has an huge following behind them!  Now I posted on my instagram and twitter about the juice and almost immediately someone from the company reposted me and thanked me for my business, I was very happy at this level now.  So before I go much further into my review there are a couple of things that set Illpluminati apart from other juice companies.

If you go to Illpluminati’s instagram you’ll notice something pretty familiar (if you are an automaton like myself).  The masks, the display all of it.  It’s beautiful, words cannot describe the image they are setting and the precedent to quit smoking and start vaping.

So for my first review, Illpluminati – Bloodline

Bloodline – Nectarine Custard.  Now, I’ve never had an orange/tangerine any sort of citrus fruit on its own before in E-juice format.  So this was a treat for me, and I was not disappointed.  I opened the bottle and took a wiff of the new juice in my hand.  The smell of nectarine filled my auto-nostrils and made my eyes pop with delight.
So I got my Mod ready.  Now I do two tests when reviewing juice, a tank test and a dripper test.  My Tank test was with my SMOK test 65W with an Nautilus Mini Sub Tank, which I keep between 6-9 watts.  My Dripper test is on a Segelei 150W with a Doge RDA (real doge), I’m currently running 42W @ .3 Ohms.

I took my first inhale of Bloodline on my dripper and I was very happy.  The nectarine is strong, but not overpowering, its sweet and not tart, the custard really comes out on the exhale.  I can honestly say this is the best citrus based Juice I’ve ever had!  The second puff was even better than the first.  I saturated my wick and waited for my second puff clearing my palette before trying again.  I took my second inhale, and the cooling aroma and taste filled my mouth, it felt like I was eating a bunch of those awesome mini tangerines, but there was no sour after taste at all!!!  The tank was not as good as the dripper with this particular juice, however it was still really good.  I feel like you might get a little tart with the tank over the wick but, once again and I will stress this it is not a sour or tart flavor.  I know some of us (especially me) are kind of scared to try tropical or fruity based juices based on all the horror stories of cracked tanks etc.  This is the juice for you!!!

Where can I get some you ask?  Well…  This is the tricky part, Illpluminati only sells to one shop per city, so the locations are far and in between.  Which makes it just that much more rare.  (right now I have to make a two hour trip to get another bottle) but it’s worth the drive.  Just stock up!

Pairing Choices: I really like bloodline when I’m out having a few drinks.  The taste goes well with a traditional Belgium Whit, or any sort of Wheat beer.  (Blue Moon included).  It also goes very well with a LIGHT pasta.  This is definitely a “going out” type of juice.  Not only that but you will turn heads with this one, the smell lingers and its very pleasant.  So do yourself a favor and try this flavor!  SkaRobot approved!

Illpluminati website

illpluminati instagram   Photo by @red_bearded_vaper_ill