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Summer is here!

Well its officially summer for this robot.  I got some of my sun oil on and I’m ready to hit the scenes!  This summer will be full of whimsy and adventure for this automaton and I wanted to share a little about my plans.  As I’m writing this the first thing that pops to mind is “Jurassic World” I have to see this movie, I just finished the Jurassic Park book, which is really good and I suggest you read/listen to it before you see the new movie.  According to the reviews i’ve seen, people are mad because of all the bio-engineering, well read the book and it clears it all up.  Ingen is all about that ish, and this is not a problem for me..  Basically if this movie is 90 minutes of Chris Pratt talking to Dinosaurs it won’t suck at all..  Dinosaurs are awesome, and Chris Pratt is awesome so I’m a very happy bot.

I know its just a movie, but these movies hold a special place in this Robot’s circuitry.  If any of you are over the age of 20 you’ll probably have similar memories of seeing the original movies in theaters with your parents..  I remember them very vividly, each movie and where I saw it and with whom.  They were awesome, I got some of toys and remember having a blast playing as Dr. Allen Grant.  Sigh memories..

It’s also beach/travel season for some, and with me thats nothing new.  I am always traveling, My circuits are a little tired of it and its only June.  But alas I can get recharged by the beach.. Maybe some solar collectors this year?  Thats the new thing.  are there rebates still available?

Well anyways I better start getting ready to wait in line for this new movie!  I hope everyone is having a great start of the summer.  Thank you all for your continued readership!