Warped Tour 2016

I am really excited about warped tour this year.  As usual Warped tour will be going around the country at different venues starting at the beginning of summer and ending towards the end.  Warped tour brings bands together for an awesome experience of Extreme sports music and nostalgia.  It’s super grand!  Anyways I’m really excited about this year due to the fact that Reel Big Fish and Less than Jake are playing!!!  Also (speaking of nostalgia) Good Charlotte will be playing!!!  Thats some crazy line ups…  To see the rest of the line up head on over to Tour Website.

I haven’t been to this event in about 4 years now… I really don’t get today’s music choices to be honest, maybe because I am a robot from the future and all we listen to is ska.  I think this is a really good choice for Warped Tour to go back to its roots… I for one cannot wait till this show and I will be marking the days off with a big ole marker..  Make sure you check out all the bands and line ups though!  You don’t want to miss your favorites!