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We survived the 23rd!

If you don’t use the internet you wouldn’t have known but the world was suppose to end yesterday… It didn’t….  From global meltdown to an asteroid hitting Puerto Rico conspiracy theorists went ape shit over this day….  And as usual nothing happened.  From what i’ve been reading it has a lot to do with the date in the movie “Tomorrowland” but I’m pretty sure that was 9-22, I kinda fell asleep during the movie it was playing late night on the last ship I was on, I saw George Clooney doing George stuff and that one chick from the Dome show she was doing stuff too, something about Tesla and a rocket… But I don’t remember the doom and gloom portion of it but I guess it was there..

Then Google got involved.. well kinda… Googles awesome algorithm kinda scrapes the web for things, you can also add dates and use dates in google maps…  So 9/23/15 placed into google maps showed up as CERN headquarters..  For those who aren’t familiar with CERN..  CERN opened up a blackhole a few years ago and we all died…  Yeah…  This is according to big conspiracy boards of course.

Now i’m all for a good conspiracy theory now and again, and i’m all for learning about the spooky people who do spooky things on a daily basis..  But I really think this doom porn is getting out of hand.  It seemed that the world ended 7 times this year, and 14 times last year… Shit in 2012 there were like 8 dates to watch out for.

I just get a little wary when I see this dates, not that I’m worried a meteor is going to show up out of left field and smash into a small island country.. More so worried about the nutters with the aluminum on their heads doing something stupid.  I usually lay low on days like yesterday, but said fuck it and went out.. Because you know what these people aren’t gonna do anything they are too busy wallpapering their houses in mylar and saying “you’ll see” every month for the next 30 years..  And you know what someday they will be right…  You throw enough shit something is bound to stick.

Well anyways I just kinda wanted to say hi to everyone on 9-24