WoW 6.1 Patch Tomorrow! Feb23


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WoW 6.1 Patch Tomorrow!

There has been A LOT of hate with the new expansion of World of Warcraft, I am not one of those haters.  I have been playing Warcraft since it’s release 10 years ago, I have an original Vanilla Beta account and i’ve racked up a lot of time on the game.  Since Draenor has come out I’ve heard endless bitching from veteran players about “the glory days” maybe I don’t remember them like they do..

What I remember from Vanilla WoW is this… waiting HOURS to get a raid going, then spending another two hours getting the group to the raid.  There were no Summon Stones, lock portals or even close flight paths then, lets not talk about when you die either cuz that was an experience all on its own.  Blizzard has done an excellent job catering to both hardcore players as well as casuals in this new expansion.  However, since it has been catering towards casuals a bit more the raiding scene has taken a hit.  Progression is sort of down, groups are getting angry at mistakes and this could just be the patience dwindling we see everywhere these days, but I’ve noticed it in my raids.  The same people under performing week after week, not gathering gear just being a straight up casual.  Which is fine, just don’t try to raid if you are playing casually.. Especially heroic and mythic levels of raiding.

Well… 6.1 is coming out tomorrow, and though I’m not excited about some of the features (I could give two shits about the twitter integration and the selfie camera) there are some exciting features and improvements to the game.  A new Heirloom item box, new garrison stuff to do, and new Blood elf models to boot.

I might integrate my account with a twitter…  Only if everyone is doing it, but who gives a shit that you just hit level 98.  No one, that “Grats” in Guild chat is just to make sure you don’t leave.


Anyways I’m excited about the new Patch, as long as the servers aren’t down all day!  Here’s hoping!